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"ur eyeliner is 2 thick"


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seasonal fashion according to me

god i hate summer

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"Now to demonstrate your devotion to the Spice Girls, I understand that you have a gift, and I wanted to challenge you on this gift tonight… you are able to do what?" "Their autographs." [x]

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And I swear in that moment we were all Gary.

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  #this fucker says maybe 5 or 6 lines the whole film and yet everyone is thirsty as Heck for him  #no wonder HYDRA keeps him in the freezer  #’cause when they let him out he burns down entire cities with the force of his Sad Trash Hobo gaze

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We were so beautiful.

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An actual Australian news show.

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Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists, but the ones that do call him The Winter Soldier. He’s a ghost, you’ll never find him.

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*gives people advice when i cant even handle my own problems*

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favorite character meme ★ [2/6] quotes

some girls are just jerks. like that chick at the store yesterday, did i deserve that? no. but did i take her shit? no way. cause i’m better than that and so are you. nobody fucks with the gallaghers.

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dentist: *shoots you* you’re bleeding b/c you dont floss

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Anthony Mackie gets really excited at the mention of being in other Marvel projects. [x]

This man is a fucking gift to this fandom and should be cherished.

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